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Please note these prices are not for any packages.  These are a starting point the key is what do you want included in your package is what we will book for you.  We are a booking service for you the pheasant hunter!

A 50 % non refundable deposit is required to book the hunt !

The best part of booking with Aurora Pheasant Hunts is that we can make all of your arrangements for you ! (Example: Book your: hunt, lodging, and meals)  Then you pay once for  your hunt and you are done !

S.D. Game, Fish, Parks - Pheasant Hunt Info.

Non - Guided Pheasant Hunt:  Land access only !                

$205  per person per day (1-6 person group)                          
$225 per person per day (6-10 person group) 

We can offer a lot of variations of the following packages.         

Services for pheasant hunting in SD.

At Aurora Pheasant Hunts will work with you to make arrangements for your next pheasant hunting in SD experience.  We can work with you on obtaining your South Dakota hunting license, and providing you an opportunity in doing some pheasant shooting.

MTM Pheasants
South Dakota's Finest Hunting experience !

Guided Pheasant Hunt:  Land Access, Guide, Dog(s) 

$300 per person per day (3-6 per person per day group)
$350 per person per day (6-10 per person per day group)

Bird cleaning: $5 per bird